Van Lenning Notary

Looking for a notary office in the Greater Amsterdam? With a female listener, for voluntary auctions and execution, community involvement and also a ‘green’ office …

Van Lenning Notaries an all-round notary office in Amstelveen

Real Estate

We can advise you fully in the field of real estate activities, such as buying a home, signing a sales contract, auctions, divisions or for example leasehold.

Family law and estate planning

In the field of family law and estate planning, we advise on unwinding of inheritance and legacy, parental authority, guardianship, inheritance rights, testament, curatorship, inheritance tax and divorces.

Business law

In both the profit and non-profit sector, we are active in the field of corporate law. We can make recommendations when you start up your own business, how to determine the legal form, business succession and for example share transfers.


In addition to notary, mrs. Sylvia M. van Lenning (master of law) is a NMI registered mediator. She acts as a mediator in resolving disputes between neighbours, social conflicts in the public and non public sector, and in the medical world, as well as in divorces.

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